Replacing the windows in your home can make for a wonderful new addition. It can add attractive curb appeal and it can also help make the house more energy efficient. But, like most home improvement projects, there are important decisions involved you need to consider. First things first, you need to decide the type of replacement windows you would like. Check out a quick overview on our site of all the different replacement windows we offer here in Virginia and then get in touch to discuss and get input into what kind would work best for you!

Here are the 6 most common types of replacement windows and basic information about each:

Double Hung

One of the most common types of window is the double hung. Traditionally, they are also fit with shutters, but are seen without as well. They feature two vertically sliding sashes in wood or vinyl. This makes both panes movable.

Single Hung

Just like the double hung windows mentioned above, except these have just one sash instead of two, meaning the upper pane is fixed in place, unable to move. These tend to be more energy efficient so go great if you want a green friendly or money saving upgrade.


These windows, which are very popular in Europe, are installed to swing in and out, similar to a door. They can be made to go in either direction, depending on how they are put in. They are either hinged on one side or on the top, which brings us to the next kind of window:

Awning Windows

Another name for a casement window hung from the top is an awning window. Just like the other casement windows they swing outward, but these stay stationary at the top and not the side. They were originally designed by a man named Emilie Poisson. These, along with other casement windows, often use a hand crank to operate.

Picture Windows

If you are looking for a window that really adds to the home’s overall appearance, then picture windows may be for you. These are bigger windows that are fixed into the wall. Since they are so large and have no dividers, they offer an unimpeded view. If the scenery at your home is nice, you can show it off with this kind of replacement window!

Special Shapes

For those homeowners that want to make a statement with their home and windows, you may want to consider speaking to your contractor about getting a custom or unique shape. After talking to a professional you may be surprised at what you can and can’t have done.


These are not actually a type of window, but they are something you can add to your new windows to change the look. Grids or dividers are the different names for pieces on a window (often in this shape: +) that divide the window into sections (usually 4). When putting in replacement windows they can be put between the layers of glass or on both outfacing sides of the glass. These give a home a more traditional look.