1. Are they licensed?
Dunn Construction has a Class A contractor license.

2. Do they carry liability insurance?
Yes, we carry liability insurance.
3. Do they have worker’s compensation coverage?
Yes, we have worker’s comp coverage.

4. How long have they been in business?
We’ve been in business over 30 years.

5. Are they EPA Certified?
Yes, Dunn Construction is a certified contractor with the EPA.

6. Which suppliers do they deal with?
We deal with numerous suppliers.

7. Do they provide referrals?
We provide referrals on request.

8. What organizations do they belong to (such as the Better Business Bureau)?
We will provide upon request.

9. Do they provide a labor warranty?
We provide a 5-year warranty on our labor.

10. Do they ask for a down payment?  If so, how much?
We do not ask for a down payment for any jobs up to $20,000.  We ask for payment when the job is finished.

11. Will they stay on your job once they start until it’s finished?
Once we start, we stay there until finished.

12. Shop around.  Be sure to compare apples to apples.  Get 3 prices for the job for the same quality of materials.

13. Once you decide on your contractor, make sure that you have a signed, written contract
We always give you our agreed upon price in writing.