Berkshire Classic premium vinyl siding is set apart by its superb construction.  It has a heavy-duty .044″ panel thickness.  The rolled nail hem and deep 5/8″ butt height provide superior strength and rigidity.  The PowerLok locking system firmly secures each panel in place for structural integrity and wind resistance.  These design features deliver exceptionally straight, smooth walls that are protective and strong.
Berkshire Classic Product Features
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  • Berkshire Classic is fortified with a rolled nail hem for extra-strong wall attachment.  In laboratory tests simulating hurricane-force wind conditions, Berkshire Classic withstood windloads up to 190 mph (windload performance may vary by profile design).
  • The PowerLok locking system works double time – reinforcing the rigidity of the siding and keeping panels secured firmly together for crisp, clean wall lines and a markedly superior installation.
  • With a rugged .044″ panel thickness, Berkshire Classic promises enduring protection and beauty for your home.  The low-gloss finish and subtle hardwood texture will stand up to harsh weather and keep its luxurious appearance year after year with very little upkeep!
  • You may not realize it, but the siding’s butt height creates shadow lines that add dimension and style to a home – the deeper the butt height, the more dramatic the shadow lines appear.  Berkshire Classic’s generously proportioned 5/8″ butt height will create an attractive appearance, while also fortifying the integrity and strength of the siding.

Durable and dent-resistant, Berkshire Classic vinyl siding  is solid color through and through so it never needs to be painted.  Just rinse occasionally with a garden hose to remove most airborne dust and dirt and restore your siding’s like-new beauty.

Berkshire Classic will not only create an enjoyable, low-maintenance exterior, it can also heighten your home’s curb appeal and enhance the value of your home.

Classic Colors
Designer Colors
Colors will vary based on user’s screen settings.  We recommend that you make final color selections using actual product samples.